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Full Body Waxing (inc. intimate areas), Massage, Body Hair Trimming/Shaving as well as a range of male grooming facial & body treatments in Islington, North London.
by George,
Male Grooming Therapist
(Finsbury Park, North London. N4)


New Treatment:
Emslim Neo + RF

Burn fat & build muscle without going to the gym.  One 30 min session equals 24,000 squats or sit ups.  £99 per session - learn more.

Male Waxing - Back Wax.jpg

Full body intimate and facial waxing for men, including back, sack and crack.  From only £15 (read more)

Manscaping / Trimming - Chest Hair.jpg

if you'd rather shave, or trim instead of wax, I offer a full body manscaping service (inc.intimate areas) from £10 (read more)

Massage Therapy - Back Massage .HEIC

Fully body Swedish, Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue Massage.  Choose from 60 minutes or 90 minutes from £50. (read more)

HIFI Non surgical face lift treatment.JPG

Smoothe wrinkles, tighten the skin and lift drooping eyelids/brows with a non-surgical HIFU facelift from £50 (read more)

male laser lipo for inch loss.HEIC

Target stubborn areas of fat with an effective inch loss treatment which can help transform your body with minimal effort.  (book now)

Hydrafacial pore cleanse.jpg

A cleansing, hydrating 5-step treatment that removes skin impurities whilst soothing the skin from £50 (read more)

Full Body Salt Scrub.jpg

A signature full body scrub to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin with crushed sea salt & essential oils for £40 (read more)

Male Facial Treatments.heic

I offer a range of traditional hot-towel steam and facial treatments to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin from £40.  (read more)

Male Grooming Products

I stock a wide range of post-waxing & male grooming products, including scrubs, body lotions as well as a range of scented candles.

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