Male Body Hair

Trimming & Shaving 

Some guys don't want to be waxed, they'd rather be shaved or trimmed.  Others want a combination of the two, whatever you're looking for I can do it for you.  Call me on 07557 783482 to book or book online.

If you're not looking for that totally smooth look perhaps 'manscaping' is a better option for you.  

By trimming or shaving the hair you can get a cleaner look and choose the length you'd like to achieve to get that perfect look.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 17.21.40.png


Chest Trimming (pecs)


Chest & Abs


Back & Shoulders


Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs


Both Arms (upper & lower)


Back, Arms, Chest, Abs, & Arms


Both legs & butt


Pubic Area


Pubic Area & Scrotum


Scrotum Only


Brazilian (butt cheeks, crack, pubic area and scrotum)


Full Body


Custom Packages - if you want a different combo of shaving or trimming get in touch and I'll be happy to work something out for you.